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The Science Behind the Process of Manifesting or Cohering What You Want

 The Science of Quantum Physics Explains How and Why Your Thoughts Create Your Life - When You Understand and Accept the Science, You Will Have Total Trust in Your Ability To Consciously Create Everything You Want to Have,
Do and Be in Your Life


The Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance - Both Function According to the Principles of Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is the scientific study of the building blocks of all life and the universe itself.

"The Secret", as taught in the book and the DVD of that name, is based on a combination of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance.

The scientific community has not yet accepted these as scientific laws, as universal laws of nature, because up until now, it has been impossible to prove them to be true. The Law of Gravity can be scientifically proven, for example, with some basic experiments.

It is very difficult to create appropriate scientific experiments that are not contaminated with the thought energy of the experimenter. Any experiment set up to prove that thoughts do create your reality, for example, is affected by those very thoughts, because the very act of observation affects what you are observing.

Quantum physics states that the act of observing any object influences it's behaviour and that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The thoughts, attitudes, and expectations of scientists affect the outcome of any experiments they conduct, according to quantum physics.

Scientific experiments have detected specific changes in the behaviour of certain objects when there was a change in the way they were being observed by both humans and instruments.

Maybe one day, scientists will be able to conduct experiments under perfect conditions that will conclude there are absolute scientific principles that prove the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance are universal laws of nature, just like the Law of Gravity.

The Science Behind
The Law of Attraction

 With the release of his new book, "The Science Behind The Secret", physicist and best-selling author Dr. Travis S. Taylor, lays out the real science behind how we create our experience of reality in every moment.

Again, this is REAL SCIENCE.



The Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance Are Great Philosophical Laws to Believe in

However, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance are powerful philosophical concepts to live your life by, in the absence of scientific proof. There are enough scientific principles at work here, and you yourself may well be convinced, never mind whether the scientific community can prove it or otherwise.

This science of quantum physics does validate the concepts inherent in the workings of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance.


Main Principles of Quantum Physics

"We are mass energy. Everything is energy. Everything"
- The Secret

Everything in the universe is energy, it's not just made of energy, it is energy. These packets or concentrations of energy, the building blocks of all matter, vibrate at a whole range of frequencies, of every wavelength imaginable.

Sound is energy. Light is energy. Thought is energy. Emotion is energy. Gas is energy. Liquid is energy. A Solid is energy. A car is energy. A house is energy. A tree is energy. An elephant is energy. You are energy.

So, in quantum physics, every individual thing, every bit of matter, whatever form it takes, is represented as a ripple of energy in the fabric of the energy of the universe itself. Energy is represented as a ripple or wave.

A quantum wave function (a qwiff) is a ripple of energy

This ripple or wave of energy is scientifically known as a quantum wave function or QWF (pronounced qwiff). Quantum is a concentration of energy. 

Imagine the whole universe as being one gigantic universal quantum  wave function - a universal qwiff.

In quantum physics, these quantum wave functions are constantly interacting with all the other quantum wave functions throughout the universe, including the universal qwiff, instantaneously. 

Read the last paragraph again because it's so important.

Let me emphasise that these qwiffs are interacting simultaneously (at the same time) with all the other qwiffs throughout the universe. These qwiffs are obviously travelling at speeds infinitely faster than the speed of light (light travels at 186,000 miles per second).

Albert Einstein could not accept that these qwiffs are interacting with other qwiffs throughout the universe in the same instant. However, his arguments have since been shown to be wrong by quantum physicists in recent years.

Like qwiffs cohere and create your reality

Quantum wave functions interact or interfere with each other. Like QWFs cohere, they connect, they stay together, and form the next moment of reality, called manifestation.

Unlike QWFs decohere, they fall away and vanish.

Again, when like qwiffs interact with like qwiffs (they are in perfect resonance with each other), they stay, they cohere, they become connected, they join together, taking on a new form, thus creating the next moment of reality.

When like qwiffs interact with unlike qwiffs (they are not in resonance with each other), the unlike qwiffs decohere, they disappear, they vanish, and do not join together to form the next moment of reality.

So, like things cohere, they stay. Unlike things decohere, they go away. Only when quiffs cohere, is the next moment of reality created.

So cohering is the same as manifesting.

Once again, everything that exists in the universe is represented by these qwiffs. For reality to occur in the next instant, all the qwiffs around have to bunch together, interact with each other, and cohere into the next state of reality.  This is happening everywhere at the same time, creating everyone's reality in the next moment.

For every next moment, there are unlimited possibilities that could form the reality of that moment. These possibilities range in probability from being guaranteed to occur to virtually being impossible to occur. All the infinite number of possibilities reduce to the one reality, through the scientific process of reduction.

Every moment, your experience of reality is something you are cohering. It's happening all the time, in every moment. You are manifesting, or cohering constantly, through these qwiffs interacting with like qwiffs.


The Human Brain is a Quantum Computer

The human brain is actually a quantum computer. We are all connected to everything in the universe through quantum physics, and it's through our brain that we can do so.

Scientists had always thought that our brain processes information like a regular computer but have recently discovered that our brain processes information like a quantum computer.

We must each be a quantum physics entity. Whatever is going on inside our mind that enables us to do what we do from moment to moment, and retrieve information instantly, must be based on quantum physics.

So what's the difference between a standard computer and a quantum computer?

This is how a standard computer works

A standard computer does a serial search to solve a problem or find the answer to a question, like looking through a dictionary at all the words in sequence, until the solution that matches the question is found.

A good example is a password search when a computer checks every combination of numbers in sequence to find the correct code to unlock a safe. This is a serial attempt at all possible answers until the right one fits.

Complex problems may take some time to solve in this way because all the possible solutions are being checked one after the other rather than all in the same instant.

This is how a quantum computer works

A quantum computer, on the other hand, compares the question or problem to all known answers or solutions at once. The correct answer instantaneously coheres with, is attracted to, the question, because they are in resonance - like attracts like. All the incorrect answers vanish, they decohere, in that same instant, because they are not in resonance with the question.

The problem is solved instantly, even complex problems, with no time delay, because of the principles of quantum physics.

How does a quantum computer do this?

A quantum computer works on the principles of quantum physics.

Quantum wave functions of everything in reality are set up in the computer database. A quantum wave function representing the question or problem is then created, and interfered with all of the quantum wave functions of all possible answers or solutions stored in the computer database.

Instantaneously, the problem is solved, because the like answer or solution coheres to the question that it is like, because they resonate with each other on an energetic level, while all the unlike answers disappear, because they do not resonate.

Imagine how powerful quantum computers could be.

But here's the real takeaway:

Consider the power of your own brain if it functions like a Quantum computer, as scientists are now discovering.

Imagine what you can now achieve with your life.  There are no limits to what you can have, do and be, through the power of your thoughts, and the unlimited potential of the human mind to create.

We live in an abundant universe and you now have direct access, through the power of your quantum mind, to unlimited abundance in all areas of your life.


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