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Your brain is able to process information, and solve problems, just like a quantum computer, which makes your brain even more amazing than you thought

Imagine walking along the road and a red Ferrari car drives past. Assuming you know what a Ferrari looks like, you recognise it as a Ferrari immediately. What's really going on here?

Your brain has stored every bit of information you have ever collected through all your senses since the day you were born. This information is stored in the filing cabinets of your mind. You already have information on red Ferraris stored in your mind from previous occasions when you saw them.

The moment you see this red Ferrari drive past, you recognize it, instantaneously, as a red Ferrari. If your brain functioned like a regular computer, it would have to compare that image of the Ferrari with every other image stored in your mind, one after the other in sequence, like looking for a word in the dictionary, and it could take quite a while to match this new image with the image of a Ferrari already stored in your mind so you recognise it as a red Ferrari.

But, your brain recognises the red Ferrrai instantly. How and why can it do this? Your brain can only find the perfect match and hence the solution, instantly, if it functions like a quantum computer. This is exactly what it is doing.

Your brain compares the quantum wave functions of the concentration of energies that make up the red Ferrari with the quantum wave functions of everything stored in the database of your mind, until the perfect match is found and the two matching quantum wave functions cohere, they stay together, because like attracts like, and all this happens instantly.

So, in the same moment that this car drives past, you recognize it is a red Ferrari.  All because your brain functions like a quantum computer and can make instant identifications and find instant solutions.

Every thought creates a quantum wave function

Every time you think a thought, which is energy, you are setting up a quantum wave function that you then broadcast out into the universe.  This quiff then interferes with all the other quantum wave functions in the universe. It coheres with the quantum wave function it is most in resonance with while all the other possibilities fall away and disappear.  The new quiff is the result of the two matching qwiffs being attracted to each other to become one, and the resulting experience is your next moment of reality.

Again, all your thoughts are energy. So every time you think a thought, you are creating a quantum energy function and this qwiff is then broadcast out into the universe. It interacts with every other quantum wave function in the universe instantaneously across any distance, to create the next moment of your reality.


The Law of Abundance States There is Abundance Throughout the Universe Waiting for You to Attract it

The Law of Abundance is a statement that the universe is very big. There are at least 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe, probably infinitely more.

Think of all that energy! Everything in the universe is energy, of one kind or another. Any belief there isn't enough in the universe is wrong. Energy makes up the fabric of the universe.

You can have anything you want if you learn how to tap into this energy, how to cohere it into the reality that you want.

Abundance is all there is. There is no such thing as scarcity.  Scarcity is just a way of thinking and feeling, it's a meaning we humans give to the situation we 'think' we are experiencing, but this is just an illusion.  It may be our 'truth', because that's what we believe, but it's NOT the ultimate truth. 

The ultimate truth is that there is an abundance of everything, it just needs to be shared out for the benefit of all, and we need to learn how to tap into all this abundant energy and help cohere it to create our own abundant reality.

The point is, in reality, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance do function in our lives when we are in vibrational resonance with what we want to attract, because of the principles of quantum phsyics and the fact that everything throughout the universe is energy, including the life we want to experience.


An Opera Singer Can Shatter a Wine Glass With Her High Pitched Voice

Imagine a lady opera singer in a room with a wine glass nearby.

The sound the lady produces with her voice is energy. The wine glass is a different form of energy. These energies are vibrating at different rates, they each have a different resonance frequency.

When the opera singer increases the volume and pitch of her voice, the resonance frequency of her voice changes. The energy that is the sound of her voice is vibrating at a higher rate than before.

If she can then produce a vocal pitch that matches exactly the resonance frequency of the glass, and maintain a high enough volume for several seconds, she is transferring energy to the glass.

This increases the vibration amplitude of the glass which has absorbed that extra energy because it is in exact resonance with the energy of the singer's voice. The glass will eventually shatter.

This illustrates the power of your energy, in the form of your thoughts and feelings, to affect your environment.


How Are We All Connected? 

Everything in the universe is energy. Each one of us is energy. The universe is like a gigantic ocean of energy.

However, you are not swimming in this ocean of energy as such. You are part of the universe itself, part of the fabric of the universe, and the universe is part of you.

The qwiff that represents you is a subset of that universal qwiff representing the whole universe.

You are not just a passing visitor at this moment in space and time, you are actually a part of space and time.

Your brain, remember, is actually a quantum computer, and with each thought you create your reality via a universal quantum connection.

What you are thinking is what you are transmitting into the universe as a quantum energy function. Your thoughts are part of the universe and are interacting with everything else in the universe.

You are connected to everything in the universe because every thought is broadcasting a quantum wave function everywhere in the universe at once and is interacting with the fabric of the universe and cohering into your next sequence of reality.

Every thought you have is like a ripple moving across the ocean, except you are creating a ripple of energy that flows out in all directions, having a minute effect on everything and everyone in the universe. It has to! That's quantum physics.


How Can We Take Advantage of Quantum Physics to Cohere or Manifest What We Want?

If you want to be a champion athlete, you have to feel and behave as if you are already that person now, not just think that you want to be a champion athlete. This changes your energy in a significant way. You are transmitting a quantum wave function of being a champion athlete so that is what you expect to cohere at the right time in the future.... being a champion athlete.

On the other hand, if you just want to be a champion athlete, that is the quantum energy function you are sending out, and, therefore, that is exactly what you will cohere... wanting to be a champion athlete, but you will never achieve actually being one in reality.

Imagine you want to own a red Ferrari. If you feel and behave as if you already own that red Ferrari now, that's the quantum wave function you are sending out into the universe, and that's exactly what you will cohere... owning a red Ferrari.

On the other hand, if you just wish you had a red Ferrari, or just want one, then that's the quantum wave function you are sending out into the universe, and that is exactly what you will cohere... wishing you had, or wanting, a red Ferrari, but never actually getting it.

Please note that I am NOT saying that this red Ferrari will suddenly appear on your drive!  You do have to take action and 'work' for it to manifest in your life, like anything else.  But you will be guided by Divine inspiration, because you are being that you already have this car, and your subconscious mind works with your Higher Self and the Universe in mysterious ways (through those quantum energy wave functions) to help you attract the people, ideas, opportunities, resources and events, etc. that will move you along that path that will result in you actually owning that car, or one just like it.

When you do take action, you will be coming from inspiration, and you will know that the actions you are taking will be the right actions, and they will be effortless.  

Think of a quantum wave function as being like an email you send over the internet 

Here is a good analogy to help you understand the importance of including images, sound and emotions when you are visualizing what you want to have, do and be.

Creating and sending out a quantum wave function of what you want, is like sending an email over the internet.

When you send an email, that data is sent through space and time, to the recipient, through cyberspace, like magic.

If your email is composed of text alone, then it does not contain much data and becomes a small file in terms of memory and requires little energy to send it.

When you attach a text document, like a pdf file, to your email, then the email holds more data, and becomes a larger file requiring more energy to send.

When you attach an audio flle, like an mp3 file, to your email, you now have much more data, increasing the size of the email and it now requires even more energy to send.

Now, what happens when you attach some digital images or a video to your email? The email now holds an extensive amount of data, and is memory intensive. It requires a lot of energy to send it, and it may take a while to be transmitted. In fact, if your email contains too much data, you may need to send that information in a different way.

The amount of data in your email is directly proportional to the amount of energy needed to send it.

Imagine what would happen if you could attach feelings and emotions to your email - how much data would this require?

An email containing feelings and emotions would require so much more energy to send, because it contains so much data.

Think of a quantum wave function as an email you transmit out into the universe, containing the details of what you want to have, do and be in your life, containing data of what you want to cohere, or manifest, in your reality.

What kind of quantum wave function do you think would create a bigger impact on the universal quantum wave function it is going to interact or interfere with?

A quantum wave function containing more energy will help you cohere more of what you want

It's obvious isn't it? The more energy your quantum wave function contains, the greater influence it will have on the fabric of the universe. If it contains an intense concentration of energy, then it has much more power to interact with all those quantum wave functions existing throughout the universe, instantaneously, increasing the probability of cohering with like quantum wave functions and creating your reality.

The amount of data, and thus the amount of energy, in your quantum wave function (created in your mind through visualization), is directly proportional to the impact it will have on the fabric of the universe and all the other quantum wave functions out there.

So, the bigger the email (containing details of what you want) you are sending out to the universe, the bigger the quantum wave function you are creating and sending out, and the greater the impact you can have on the universe, and the more you will manifest what you desire.

I hope this analogy with sending emails has helped clarify why you should always visualize with intense emotion what you desire to have, do or be. Visual images and intense feelings add power to the energetic signals you are sending out into the universe.

This is the scientific principle behind manifestation:

This is why you must include images, moving pictures, positive affirmations, empowering music, and strong feelings and emotions, when you are visualizing. This is why we call it creative visualization. This kind of creative visualization will help you create everything you want to have, do, and be, in your life!

When you include images, moving pictures, positive affirmations, empowering music, and strong feelings and emotions, while visualizing, you are creating data intensive and highly energetic quantum wave functions that you are broadcasting out into the universe. Quantum physics then does its work to help you manifest what you want.



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